Devin C. Hughes

Executive coaching is a collaboration, a partnership, between you, the leader, executive, manager or business owner being coached, and me, the executive coach. Each coaching program is custom designed to meet your specific needs. Just as you are one-of-a-kind, so is the coaching program I design for you. There is no rigid formula or model that is followed, rather, we incorporate  proven approaches, techniques and instruments and apply them to meet your specific needs and timetable.

Together we identify strengths and areas of opportunity or possible challenges. We explore your goals and aspirations, and identify ways to achieve them that are effective, efficient, and measurable. It’s a balance between what is best for you professionally and your life outside the workplace.

Whether you are an established leader looking to influence the bottom line, culture and trajectory of a complex organization, a new manager experiencing the challenges of working with a team, an individual looking to change jobs or searching, or a new entrepreneur, you can thrive and expand with coaching.

A coach sees things you don’t see: Your blind spots, self-limiting strategies and faulty assumptions.
Typical client objectives are to be a more effective leader; to succeed in a new position;  to find a new position; grow a business or division; increase clarity and confidence; improve communication; gain a promotion; increase sales; manage a business or team more effectively, even to create an entirely new career path.   
The standard programs are 6- to 12-months long, employing a combination of in-person and phone meetings each month.