Devin C. Hughes


Devin is a dynamic and thought-provoking keynote speaker who can deliver a powerful vision of the future for your company, customers, partners and industry.  In his keynote talks, he shares how to create 21st century organizations by focusing on the key enablers of the future of work.  His keynotes often are followed with breakout facilitation that generate conversations that go beyond your event. 

His approach draws from the science of positive psychology, positive organizational research, appreciative inquiry, neuroscience, mindset and mindfulness.  As a result, clients receive the cutting edge in research on well-being and flourishing.  Speaking and facilitating more than 150 times a year, Devin inspires and motivates; he challenges and pushes people to think; he delivers with passion and enthusiasm.  ​​


If you're looking for a speaker to inspire, motivate and help people connect more deeply and take bigger risks while they are together, then look no further. 

We work with you to customize any talk. For example:

  • Happiness WORKS!
  • How Creating a Culture of Happiness Can Improve Your Bottom Line
  • Bold, Visionary Leadership: From the Inside Out
  • The Diversity Advantage
  • Why Happiness is the New Business Model
  • Happier People, Happier Organizations
  • Average is the Enemy of Awesome
  • Creating Your Happiness Tribe at Work
  • Happiness is a Choice
  • Leader’s Role in Creating & Maintaining Great Culture
  • Go Global, Go Diverse, Get Ahead