Devin C. Hughes


Traditionalists, Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and now here comes Gen Z... The generations fascinate and they frustrate.  The world has changed and so should you.  No doubt they have changed the landscape of our organizations, but what are the real possibilities and challenges that lie at the intersection of multiple generations? And what are the implications for managers and leaders across the organization?  Organizations that focus their efforts and learn to “connect” to the Millennial Generation will be able to guarantee their success in the future. 

Their work habits are different. Their values are different. They care more about work life balance and less about money. They want you to give responsibility rather than earn it. And they are entering the workforce at record rates - they are the millennial generation.
This workshop is designed for those organizations who want to deal with a unique new workforce as we uncover the employee engagement drivers that are unique to millennials and learn how you can better develop an environment that helps to engage and retain them.
Engaged millennials are more productive, less likely to leave, and highly likely to recommend your organization to friends and followers on social media. Don't miss this opportunity to begin to engage millennials in the workplace.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, attendees will be able to:

  • 4 Behavioural Styles – Dealing with different styles
  • The Millennial Generation – What motivates them?
  • Hiring strategies to ensure retention
  • Millennial Employees – How to manage/motivate them
  • How to adjust your approach to them as customers

Who Should Attend This Course?

  • Managers with Millennial employees
  • Ideally suited for a Service Environment with high-staff turnover
  • People who deal with Millennial Generation customers