Devin C. Hughes

Mindfulness at Work Training

​Why Mindfulness?

Mindfulness in corporate settings have been introduced to numerous organizations in recent years.  Mindfulness and meditation are scientifically proven to be effective tools for reducing stress.  Mindfulness is recognized for its benefits in the realms of self-regulation, increased awareness, emotional intelligence, improved decision making, focus and productivity.

Workshops range from a two-hour session to a full day, and provide the perfect balance between theory and practice. They are the ideal opportunity to give participants a first-hand experience of mindfulness in action.

Our workshops typically include an exploration of the theoretical underpinnings of mindfulness, the role of mindfulness in the workplace, an examination of stress, and how mindfulness can be used to address stress-related issues. Theoretical presentations are interspersed with a variety of guided mindfulness exercises which offer participants an insight into how mindfulness can improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

Learning Objectives:

  • Mindfulness—paying attention in an open, non-judgmental way to what we are doing and what is around us in the present moment.

  • Mindfulness and physiology—the stress reaction cycle, and how stress affects our brain and our health and how mindfulness helps.

  • Mindfulness as it relates to emotional intelligence, effective communication, and work stress.

  • Learning and refining one of four mindfulness practices including relaxation exercises, seated meditation, and gentle yoga.

  • Practical suggestions on incorporating mindfulness throughout the workplace.

  • Participants are encouraged to bring these practices into all areas of their life. Supportive instructional materials are available at the class/presentation.