Are you a positive leader? Do you wonder how others think about your attitude as a leader? A quick test is to observe the way people react to you when you walk into a room. Are people happy to see you? Do they want to talk to you? Or do they quickly make themselves scarce? If they run when they see you, it's time for an attitude check.

Negativity in organizations is costing US businesses $300 billion/year. It is imperative that leaders establish a culture of positive leadership. As a leader, others look to you to set the tone for your team/organization. Being engaged and committed to a positive culture is a priority for the leader, and also every employee in the organization. 
Organizations that have a positive culture are more productive, have happier employees and most importantly, happy and satisfied customers.  

Leaders have a choice about his/her attitude - and no matter what the situation, you have a choice to make about how you are going to react. No matter what the current situation is, or who is causing the negativity in your organization/team, it is vital that you create positive strategies that keep the team/organization strong.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the training participants will be able to:

  • Understand how to communicate with and motivate team members
  • Assess and manage employee performance
  • Handle conflict and other problems within the team​
  • Get noticed by learning how to look and talk like a leader​
  • Develop strategies for creating a positive culture at work
  • Discuss ways to increase productivity at work  
  • Improve working relationships

Devin C. Hughes

Mission Possible: Positive Leadership